16. siječnja 2017

European Voluntary Service

Udruga za promicanje pozitivne afirmacije mladih u drustvu “Impress” Daruvar

(Udruga “Impress” Daruvar)

description of organisation

We are „Impress Daruvar“, a non-profit organization from Croatia. Our main goal is achieving positive affirmation of young people in society. The organization started with work six years ago in Daruvar, but shortly after, we expanded our activities all around our country (to be specific-Zagreb, Daruvar, Novska, Pakrac and Garešnica). Also we are part of many different projects in whole Croatia in general and that way youth from all over the country is involved in our work. We have been/are partners in both Youth in Action activities and current Erasmus+ Programme. We are also from 2016 Eurodesk multiplicators. „Impress“ is the organization that is devoted to young people who are involved in charity campaigns, health, personal development, prevention of violence, human rights, sports competitions, outdoor activities, active citizenship projects, art, dance, non-formal education etc. Association Impress exist more than 6 years, has a lot of programs and projects that are made from youth to youth and has representatives in the Advisory council for Youth of The Government of Republic of Croatia, regional and local youth councils. Our target is young people and together we are making positive changes in community. In our workshops, through which we are developing social, communication, presentation, working skills, we have 4 days of every week in average 30 young people. We implement local activities that encourage these young people to be active and proactive young citizens so our organization has a strong impact at both local and national level. Saying these, we are experienced in the field of youth work and we implement a various topics in youth work. We gather about 800 members and users of our activities in 5 different cities. After many successful events, we are proud to say that we are on a good way to make even more significant positive changes between young people. We know that constant desire and need for learning and working is the best way to improve yourself and a key for success. To achieve this, we have a strong team of volunteers. Our volunteers are dedicated to their work and have a great wish to make changes, improve things and help building strong young people. People are our strength and the best motivation for our organization and it is our tendency to keep it that way.

inclusion topics

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

Inclusion category Receiving projects Sending projects Coordinating projects
Geographical obstacles  X  X
Social obstacles  X  X  X
Economic obstacles  X  X  X