12. srpnja 2016

Freedom of expression – Speak Free but speak no hate

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Freedom of expression: speak free but speak no hate

8.10. – 16.10.2016, Daruvar, Croatia

Start Date: 01-07-2016
End Date: 31-12-2016
Duration in months: 6


Project summary:

Freedom of expression, even guarantied human right, is not absolute and in some cases can and should be restricted. Hate speech is one of the most frequent examples of abuse of this right and the most used techniques for discrimination of a certain group or individual and as such is not a new issue but its Online dimension and the potential impact gives new reasons for concern among young people and youth organizations. Electronic media violence and cyber bulling are continuously increasing while hate speech Online has become frequent as a tool for expression of xenophobia, intolerance, prejudices and all sorts of negative feelings and attitudes. Young people are especially vulnerable group when it comes to this problem. Mostly, people are not aware of the real potential consequences of hate speech and take it for granted, especially hate speech Online because Online surrounding is very specific, without real contact between people. It provides anonymity and feeling of security even something bad has been done or said and people are not aware of the consequences, especially legal consequences they can face. Having all this in mind, desired impact is to raise awareness about seriousness of this problem at every level and especially among youth workers and later, indirectly, among young people who will be real beneficiaries of this project.Aim of this project is to empower youth workers, youth liders and active volunteers, equip them with the competences necessary to recognize and act against such human rights violations and provide them with different tools and methods of non-formal education which they can use in work with young people in their local communities and NGOs. Objectives of the project are:• To distinguish between freedom of expression (words in oral or written form, drawings, images, gestures, symbols etc.) and hate speech, especially Online• Explore and raise awareness about huge influence of Internet contents and especially social media on young people lives• Explore and learn more about different institutions fighting to protect human rights, legal frame and cases in which freedom of expression can and should be limited• Explore the role of youth work and non-formal education in combating hate speech Online and promoting tolerance and understanding • Familiarize participants with the Compass and Bookmarks – manuals for combating hate speech Online through human rights education • Encourage and support cooperation and networking among participants and the partner organizations to combat hate speech online and to continue promotion and implementation of human rights education in their local communitiesThis project includes one main activity; it will be an 7-day training and networking activity that will take place in Daruvar, Croatia from 2nd-8th October (arrival on 1st and departure on 9th of October 2016). It will include 24 participants in total from 8 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey. The activities will be based on non-formal education methodology. A diverse range of methods will be used throughout the training course in order to reach and satisfy the individual learning needs of the participants.


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