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Who are we? Little Blue! Little green! Let's meet!

We are Impress Daruvar, Association for promoting positive affirmation of youth in society "Impress" Daruvar. We started operating in 2006 as a project within the "Croatian Association for Culture and Arts", and as an independent association we have been operating since 2009 in the area of Daruvar, but soon expanded our operations to the whole of Croatia. Our volunteers come from different parts of Croatia and the world and are actively involved in the work of the Impress Association.

The vision of our association is to gather as many enthusiasts who are eager to meet new people, engage in various activities and spend quality time. Through numerous formal and non-formal education activities, by gathering new knowledge, skills and experiences, we want to change the community and help each young person fulfill their potential.

We are assisted by our volunteers, who are also drawn to the desire for new experiences, creating opportunities for positive change in their community and personal development.

Our mission is to bring together as many young people as possible and to positively direct them towards their work and society. We believe that through work and desire for personal development, everyone can get the opportunity to realize their dreams and goals in life.


“Young people are creative, big, successful and capable
if we let them to be, if we let them
learning from their own interest!
To provide them with an environment that provides them with no coercion
development is a big step in creation
happy and capable individuals who are in
opportunities constructive, quality and
to participate innovatively in
building society. ”


Tanja Herceg, MPsych, PhD student, president of association