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Impress Daruvar, Association for promoting positive affirmation of youth in society "Impress" Daruvar was founded in 2010 and has been operating informally since 2008. The association was founded and initiated by young people and all projects are designed, implemented and organized by children and young people, as well as the establishment and implementation of each spheres and areas of the association. The Association aims at quality leisure activities, animation of children and young people, care for children and young people, and assistance in upbringing and growing up. In its work, the association engages a large number of experts and volunteers who unconditionally give their time to achieving the goals of the youth and increasing the quality of life. The association is led by its conceptual founder, President Tanja Herceg, and now brings together a large number of volunteer enthusiasts from all over Croatia, Europe and the world. The association is non-profit and apolitical, but its work and the enthusiasm of the volunteer leaders has never stood still, regardless of finances, and any help is welcome and necessary because if there was no help from people who recognized the importance of helping young people in their development or by supporting them, morally, financially or by giving their time everything the association does would be more difficult to achieve and that is why we are immensely grateful for any help, whether material or non material. A number of program and project activities are proof of the association's positive contribution to the community in which they operate. Over 150 projects have been implemented, with the largest highlighting being International Youth Week, Health Week, International High School Day, Opportunity Info Center, Opportunity House and Peer Support. The association is open to helping all young people and any young person who wants to help or volunteer in any way is welcome. Likewise, all members of the association are open to co-operation with all organizations with a focus on youth.


I consider International Youth Week a unique opportunity for all young people who want to do something for themselves and their environment by learning from the best mentors, gaining new experiences through various interactive workshops, learning more about other cultures, nations and faiths, which can later be achieved through tolerance and great social sensitivity. I took this opportunity and had the most wonderful experience in my fifteen years. My goal in life is to travel the world, meet new people, and constantly learn from them. That's exactly what I encountered in those seven days. Although I stayed in my hometown, in fact, through new friendships, experiences and stories, people from BiH, Italy, Romania, the United Kingdom and Canada traveled the world for free!

Mihaela Croatia

I came back from Croatia two days ago and I am still nostalgic and sorry I did not get to stay more. My wonderful experience consists of many first times – national newspaper, national television, food, marriage arrangements, fashion show, 4D movie, wonderful people, all these mixed with learning and fun. For the first time, I felt sad about leaving a project and not tired.

Lucia Romania

After a full day of traveling and preparing for the Impress Association presentation, I came to a small place called the Asha Center. When I got out of the van it was dark and beautiful scents were spreading through the air. The Asha Center is located next to the Forest of Dean. Many writers have found inspiration in it, such as Tolken and J.K. Rowling. All 7 days were amazing and I had a great time like never before. I learned a lot about different cultures, Europe, cooperation, human rights, communication. And most importantly - I brought change and peace into my life, just as the title of the project itself says: Peace & Change & Love!

Irina Croatia

This project will be remembered as one of those most successful and educative events ever done in our practice, as the training course was full of joy and energy, the warmest atmosphere was in every corner and in the air! – thanks to very well prepared and caring organizers IMPRESS!

Nelli Armenia

After participating in this project, I can evaluate how valuable the cooperation of aspiring young people is, especially when they come from different countries. Each of us has contributed to the project with his unique experience. It is also a special experience to stay in a foreign country and get to know a new culture through contact with the hosts. For me, the great value of the project is that I have improved my English so that I can use it not only in everyday conversations with anyone and in discussions on more serious topics and debates.

Jana Croatia

Still, the best part was hanging out with young people, meeting new people, acquaintances, friends. Together we sang, danced, carrying the fashion show, we were animators at the pools, keeping an eye on the kids, hung out for a round table discussing the problems of today in our world, the world of young people. With that, I would recommend volunteering to every individual, especially in Daruvar, a city of young people, in a city where joint efforts of ambitious people are trying to achieve as many good, as many useful projects as possible. That volunteering complemented my summer.

Ivana Croatia